Our Custom Services



Fertilization is how we keep your lawn healthy and strong. Fighting of disease and providing a lush service for you to enjoy.  We use micro-nutrients that stimulate the plant strengthen the roots and the crown of the grass.



Weed - Free

Knocking out weeds is a process that takes applying the right chemical at the right time. We apply pre-emergent in the fall and spring and follow that with post applications to knock weeds out before they start. 




Pest Free

The last thing you want when your enjoying your yard on the weekend is fireants biting at your feet. Our schedule wipes out the fireants all year long. We also can spray your shrubs and ornamentals to help them overcome any pest they may encounter through the year. 



Lawn Aerification and More

Along with applying fertilizer with offer other services to help your lawn. Lawn aerification alleviates your soil by breaking up compaction and letting air into your root zone. This will allow your roots to grow deeper helping your lawn through drought and tough times.